We offer 0% Islamic Financing on all homes in Canada. That’s right, 0%.

We offer Islamic financing on all homes when you join the JAAG Rent to Home Program. Our Halal Mortgages are compliant with Sharia Law (Islamic Law) and provide additional flexibility and convenience compared to non-Islamic mortgages. JAAG’s Halal Mortgages allow you to build equity right away, so start enjoying the freedom and benefits of owning a home even before you have the funds to purchase.

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Murabaha Mortgages (Cost Plus)

A Murabaha Loan (also referred to as ‘cost plus’ financing) is where we buy your house and determine a purchase price at a higher rate. In practice, the amount you pay for a long-term Murabaha Mortgage ends up being almost equal to what you would pay for a non-Islamic mortgage within the same term. Every payment or “instalment” goes directly against your principal without interest until it’s paid in full – allowing you to join our rent-to-own program comfortably without incurring any interest-bearing loans.

Musharaka Mortgages (Sharing)

With Musharaka Loans, we enter into a partnership as the house owners while you gradually buy out our shares in the property. You get to move in right away when the contract begins, making a Musharaka Mortgage quite similar to our standard JAAG Rent to Home agreement but without any interest.

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