How Can We Improve?

At JAAG, we are constantly looking for ways to create the best client experience possible. That’s why we place such a high value on your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. If you would like to help us improve, please take a minute to fill out this brief survey regarding your recent experience with our team. Your responses are important to us and we greatly appreciate your feedback and your continued support.

JAAG Survey - For Completed Tenant-Buyers

Please, answer the following 5 questions to rate the quality of our service.
(1 = Unsatisfactory / 2 = Below Average / 3 = Average / 4 = Good / 5 = Excellent)
1. How would you rate your overall experience with JAAG’s Rent to Home Solution?
2. How easy/difficult was it to communicate with our team during your Rent to Home experience?
3. How practical was it to maintain your monthly Rent to Home payments?
4. How satisfied were you with JAAG’s Credit Education Service?
5. How easy/difficult was it to obtain a mortgage at the end of your Rent to Home term?

Please, answer the following 5 questions to provide us with some details about your experience.

We Appreciate Your Support

Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we’re doing. We will use your feedback to continuously improve our performance. If you have additional feedback or you would like to speak to someone directly, contact us at 1-866-JAAG-NOW or email us at Have a wonderful day!

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