4-Step Rent-to-Own Process

Curious about the rent-to-own process? You’re in the right place! At JAAG Properties, we specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families achieve their dream of homeownership through smart rent-to-own solutions. We’ve refined our 4-step Rent to Home Solution to be simple, efficient, and easy to understand. We provide support every step of the way to ensure your success and provide you with short- and long-term financial security.

The 4 Steps of Our Rent to Home Solution

Find Your New Home

We know how important it is to find a home that you love, which is why we help you shop for the home that’s right for you. We’ll find a home that suits your needs and allow you to add your personal touch through renovations, décor, and more.

We can connect you with expert real estate professionals to assist you in your search, and when you find the home of your dreams, let us know!

Move In To Your Rent-to-Own Home

Once you’ve selected the perfect home, we purchase your chosen home on your behalf on the three year term. Then it’s time to prepare for moving day! Our homebuying process is fast, simple, and gets you into your new home as soon as possible.

Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll start saving to purchase your home at the end of your term (typically 3 years). Our Rent to Home experts (or our team) will help you by setting up a payment plan which includes the mortgage, property taxes, insurance; and monthly savings, which will become the down payment on your home. Our Rent to Home Solution ensures that while you’re saving for a down payment, you can live in your home and enjoy all the benefits of homeownership sooner.

Save and Build for your Future

Now it’s time to save money towards your down payment, rebuild your credit score, and budget carefully to ensure financial success. Thankfully, we’ll provide you with a certified financial planner who will coach you on budgeting and general financial literacy. Their services are provided at no cost to you.

Getting a mortgage sounds intimidating, but we’ll ensure you’re never alone or without expert advice. We can pair you with a trusted Mortgage Specialist who can answer your questions, offer professional advice, and help you secure your new mortgage.

Become a Homeowner

After 36 months of hard work put into saving, building credit, and budgeting, you’re finally a homeowner! You now own a beautiful home where you and your family can make a lifetime of memories. In the process, you’ve achieved financial security and long-term healthy spending habits to carry you into a brighter future. Congratulations!

Discover Your Path to Homeownership with JAAG Properties

Owning your home has never been easier, even if you’ve struggled with saving for a down payment, have bad credit or no credit, or are new to Canada. If you’ve had difficulty getting approved for a traditional mortgage for any reason, call us today to find out how our rent-to-own process can pave the way for your dreams of homeownership!