Rent To Own Mortgages

Because getting you a mortgage is our top priority.

Our top priority is making sure you own your home. Our trusted team of experienced Rent to Home Mortgage Agents will work with you to obtain a mortgage for your home.

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What is a mortgage, and do you qualify?

A mortgage is a type of loan used to finance your property without paying the cash value upfront. To obtain a mortgage in Canada, the three main things that banks look for are:

  • A good credit score
  • A steady income
  • A down payment

Suppose your credit is not in good standing, or you currently don’t have any credit. In these cases, our Credit Education Team is here to assist you with addressing any necessary credit issues to improve your overall financial situation. These efforts are essential, especially when you’re ready to submit to a mortgage lender at the end of the term.

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How does rent-to-own work with bad credit?

Buying a house with no credit or poor credit is easy with JAAG’s Rent to Home Solution. The process is similar to taking out a traditional mortgage, and it can help you purchase your own home faster. During your rent-to-own term, you will be paying rent in monthly payments, just as if you were renting any other property. In a rent-to-own agreement, however, you will have the added benefit of improving your credit score and having the option to purchase the home within 3 years.

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Getting a mortgage

JAAG Properties will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to get a mortgage for your rent-to-own home. For the duration of your rent-to-own contract, your primary focus should be making your monthly rent payments. This will help improve your credit rating and put you in a place that will help you qualify for a traditional mortgage at the end of the rent-to-own process.

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How will the JAAG Rent to Home Solution help you get a mortgage?

Our Credit Team has access to trusted Mortgage Agents that will work with you when it is time to purchase your home. These agents have years of experience working with lenders that are familiar with JAAG’s Rent to Home Services. When you are near the end of your rent to own agreement, our Credit Team will introduce you to these Mortgage Brokers or you are free to use your own. We will guide you through the final process, gather all the information required and submit your application on your behalf.

A couple entering a rent to own agreement in Ontario

Why are we the leader in the Rent to Own Industry?

Turning you into a homeowner is our top priority. We have assisted hundreds of clients with owning their homes. We walk you through each meticulous step, sharing our experience and expertise. We’re committed to getting you a mortgage. See our past members’ comments.

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