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A family celebrating their approval on a rent to own home

Make bad credit
a thing of the past.

The past couple of years were tough for the Hayes family, and because of situations out of their control, their credit rating took a hit. See how JAAG turned that around and gave the Hayes’ a future that they could look forward to.

Make bad credit a thing of the past

In late 2019, Jonathan and Andrea Hayes welcomed their newborn son into the world. While excited to begin this new chapter in their lives, Andrea became very sick, prompting Jonathan to take periods off work to care for his wife and son. Between this and the costs of specialists and medications, they struggled to pay bills and fell behind. This unfortunate incident was beyond their control, affecting their otherwise perfect credit rating and savings.

Fast forward to 2021, Andrea was much better, and both were back to work. Even though two years had passed and they were back on track, their dreams of owning a home were crushed as banks were apprehensive about giving them a traditional mortgage due to their existing debt and credit dip.

They came to us while searching for alternate solutions and were immediately pre-approved for the JAAG Rent to Home Program. We set them up with a Certified Financial Planner who developed a customized plan. We provided them with saving and budgeting tips and helped them pay off their existing debts.

With nine months left in their program, they’re now well on their way to obtaining a mortgage and owning their dream home in record time, and we couldn’t be happier.

An excited mother and daughter

New to Canada.
No credit. No problem.

When Sarika and her daughter arrived in Canada to start a new life, they quickly realized that not having a credit history in Canada would create obstacles to their dreams of owning a home. See how a rent-to-own agreement helped them build their credit and save for a new home.

New country No credit No problem

In 2017, Sarika, a single mom and an IT engineer with a bright future immigrated to Canada for a promising job opportunity. Sarika has always been good with her money and has been saving for a home for quite some time. She quickly found out that even though her credit was outstanding in India, it wasn’t transferrable in Canada, and she would have to build her standing once again. She was eager to find a home for her and her daughter and sought guidance.

When she came across the JAAG Rent to Home Program, she found the guidance she was looking for. Sarika was approved immediately, worked closely with a trusted rent-to-own real estate agent and secured a home in a promising area close to her work and local schools.

Over the next two years, a strategic plan developed by our Credit Education team helped her build up her ‘Canadian’ credit. It allowed her to obtain a credit card and purchase her first car successfully.

We’re proud to say that Sarika is now a homeowner, and we’re so happy she came to JAAG. We were able to welcome her to Canada and help her achieve her dream.

A woman proud to have bought a house with JAAG Properties

Turn the downs to ups.

Sarah, a stylist who rented a chair at a local salon, had been seeing many good months, but the current pandemic made her dip into her hard-earned savings set aside for a down payment. See how the JAAG Rent to Home Program helped Sarah and her partner find their dream home, allowing Sarah to open a salon in their new home.

Self-employment Turn the downs to ups

Sarah, a promising stylist, has been challenged by the pandemic for the past couple of years. The salon where she rented a chair was affected considerably by the constant lockdowns and safety mandates driving her and her partner to dip into their savings set aside for a down payment on a home.

Not wanting to start from scratch again, Sarah began looking for alternative solutions and came across the JAAG Rent to Home Program. She was apprehensive at first, but she was sold after being pre-approved and going through our easy initial stages.

We immediately set her and her partner up with our Real Estate support team, who understood their goals and secured a home that met their needs. While their new home needed a little work, we were able to ensure them that it was all within their budget, and we were able to adjust the agreement to accommodate the repairs.

While they’re less than a year into the program, she was able to turn the garage into a street-facing salon with two chairs, and her small business is thriving. She still has a ways to go, but she’s confident knowing that the JAAG team will be by her side every step of the way.

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"This is now our family home and we cannot say enough about JAAG."

Kingston, ON

"I was skeptical at first when I was put in touch with them but I’m glad I did and highly recommend JAAG."

London, ON

"I can’t believe the house I was able to find and now own all thanks to JAAG."

Welland, ON

"I wish I had joined their (Rent to Home) program a year earlier when I was first in contact with them."

London, ON

"Why isn’t everyone working with JAAG? If you aren’t get in touch with them immediately."

Bobcaygeon, ON

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