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A railroad bridge in St. Thomas, Ontario

St. Thomas, also known as the Railway City,  is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario in beautiful Elgin County. Surrounding St. Thomas is numerous picturesque towns, lakeside villages and historic hamlets, each with its unique charm. St. Thomas is home to one of the most unique park systems for a city its size, with thirty-five parks spread over 457 acres.

Over 40,000 people call St. Thomas home. The local economy is dominated by automotive manufacturing, with two plants operated by Magna International. St Thomas is a 30-minute drive from London, just under a 20-minute drive from Port Stanley, and just over an hour from the US-Canada border. You will find all the amenities you need, including St.Thomas General Hospital, Fanshawe College, recreation facilities, arts & cultural facilities and so much more. Fanshawe College has a satellite campus in St. Thomas. Two school boards control the public and catholic school system, Thames Valley District School Board and London District Catholic School Board.

Fun Fact: In 1914, 8 different railways were operating in St. Thomas (halfway between Detroit and Buffalo), with over 100 trains passing through the city, earning the title of the “Railway Capital of Canada.”

Getting Around St. Thomas

St. Thomas Transit, better known as the Railway City Transit, runs seven days a week and has five routes available. There is a personalized, accessible door-to-door transportation service available to individuals with limitations upon request called Parallel Transit. St. Thomas is accessible by walking and/or cycling, as the city has many trails and paths. Licensed Taxi services are also available. With St. Thomas’ proximity to London, the city dwellers can reap the benefits of the Via Rail and the London International Airport as well.

Life in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a quaint, picturesque city with so many things to do for everyone. St Thomas is located within Elgin County, boasting over 100 km of trails winding through the countryside. There are many things to keep you busy in St. Thomas, such as farmers’ markets, wineries, and boutique shops downtown.

Arts and Culture

St. Thomas Public Art Centre houses many all-age, year-round exhibitions and events. You can always go to festivals and events like the Airfest, Arts Crawl or the Santa Claus Parade.

Shopping, Food and Drinks

Spend the day downtown St. Thomas which is home to many artisan shops and boutiques or spend it wandering one of many farmers’ markets in St. Thomas. There are over six local wineries and breweries and a diverse range of restaurants in the city to explore.

Nature & Parks

There are two major parks in the city where you can enjoy walking, hiking, picnics and bike trails:

Pinafore Park in the south, beside Pinafore Lake, and Waterworks Park in the north, which is straddled by Kettle Creek and the Waterworks Reservoir nearby.

The Trans Canada Trail, which goes through St. Thomas, the longest recreational trail in the world. Hike through the County and take in the scenic beauty of “Carolinian Canada. ”There is also an off-leash dog park called Lions Club Dog Park for your canine family members.

Sporting Events & Concerts

St. Thomas is a 26-minute drive to London, the home to the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), London Lightning of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL), and the Western Mustangs Football team. London is a prime destination for concerts. Each year, it hosts a series of music festivals, including Rock The Park and Trackside. It’s home to many venues such as Budweiser Gardens, London Music Hall, Centennial Hall, Rum Runners, Aeolian Hall, and others.

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