Rent to home.
It’s just that simple.

Whatever your circumstances, JAAG Rent to Home 4-Step Solution is built to ensure you get the keys to your new home (upon pre-approval) and our certified team will be by your side every step of the way. We’ll assist you in finding your home, building your credit score, obtaining your mortgage and buying the home you’ve always dreamt about.

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The JAAG 4-Step Process

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    Find Your Home Now

    Find Your Home Now

    Let’s start shopping!

    Let’s find your new home. Our team at JAAG understands the importance of loving the home you live in. That’s why we work with our clients to help them get into a home of their choosing. Decorate, renovate, and add all your own personal touches — after all, Home is Where The Heart Is!

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    Move In Today

    Move In Today

    It’s moving day!

    This is the day you’ve been waiting for – moving day. While enjoying your new home, you’ll begin saving towards purchasing your home. We do this through a payment plan that’s divided into two categories:

    • Rent – Your mortgage, property taxes and insurance
    • Savings – Your down payment
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    Save & Build

    Save & Build

    You’re 36 months away from being a homeowner!

    At this point, our JAAG Credit Team will be working alongside you to improve your credit score through our Credit Education Service, and we’ll provide you with complimentary coaching on budgeting to improve your overall money mindset.

    Don’t worry. You won’t be alone in securing your mortgage; our team will pair you with a trusted Mortgage Specialist to ensure you get it.

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    Become A Homeowner

    Become A Homeowner

    Congratulations! You’re a homeowner.

    After 36 months, you’ll be financially secure, we’ll transfer the mortgage into your name, and you will own your beautiful home.

We’re here to help at every step

We’ll be guiding you through every step of the process, and you’ll have access to the following services.

Credit Education

All JAAG Rent to Home Program members have access to a Certified Financial Planner who will guide them to financial security through coaching and budgeting – making it easy to save for your down payment

Real Estate Support

Real estate support is essential, and we’ll supply you with a trusted real estate agent for the entirety of our rent-to-own program. If you aren’t working with an agent, we’ll have one available for when you need one.

Mortgage Financing

Our trusted network of experienced mortgage agents will work with you to ensure you are successful in obtaining a mortgage for your home.

Lease Back Mortgages

Do you need a little cash to get back on your feet? Stay in your home and Let JAAG take ownership temporarily while you take the time necessary to build up your financial security once more.

Halal Mortgages

While abiding by Sharia Law (Islamic Law), are you searching for a home? Trust JAAG Islamic Financing for alternative solutions.

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