Credit Repair Services

We do more than just find you a home, we assist with repairing your credit, too.

All JAAG Rent to Home clients have access to our credit repair services! We’ll pair you with a Certified Financial Planner who will guide you to financial security through credit education, coaching and budgeting – making it easy to save for your down payment.

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What is credit repair?

It’s simple. Credit Repair will help you improve your overall credit score. We will help you pay off debts, teach you how to use credit cards and loan services responsibly to rebuild your credit, and invest in personal financial literacy.

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Why do you need a good credit score?

Credit scores are essential for your financial future. Financing large purchases such as a home or a car requires your credit score to be in good standing. Getting a mortgage with bad credit can be tough, but having good credit will ensure that you unlock the best loan, line of credit, mortgage, and credit cards with the most favourable terms – which equals more savings and benefits for you and your family.

How Credit Repair Can Help You

If you have a poor credit score, credit repair can be an effective way to improve your credit score over time. Our team will help by assessing your credit report to identify the items that may have led to your poor credit score, and help you rebuild it to achieve your financial goals.

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Our Credit Repair Service

We will provide you with an extensive Credit Education Service throughout the entirety of your Rent to Home term. Our Credit Team, partnered with a credit repair company will create monthly budgets and savings plans to help clear any outstanding debts or credit payments that you may have. Our top priority is to improve your credit score, build your financial security and ensure that you qualify for a mortgage by the end of your term.

Did you know that your experience with money affects your current relationship with your finances? We provide our clients with a Money Coaching service. Money Coaching will help you understand the psychological reasoning behind your spending habits and behaviours. We’ll walk you through a “Money Biography,” which will dig deep into your relationship with money and uncover unconscious patterns that may hinder your future financial success.

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Why Choose JAAG Properties Credit Repair Services

We are committed to building your credit score and getting you the home you deserve. Our Credit Repair and Education Services are free of charge and are the most crucial step in your Rent to Home journey. This is precisely how we have helped over 100 clients become successful homeowners. With our Rent to Home process, buying a house with bad credit is possible.

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