Bankruptcy and Homeownership

Bankruptcy affects thousands of Canadians every year, and recently, the financial landscape has only grown more uncertain. Given this new financial reality, it’s no surprise that many Canadians are struggling with poor credit and a lack of savings.

Declaring bankruptcy can help you get back on track to financial freedom, but it also limits your ability to qualify for a mortgage. Fortunately, our Rent to Home Solution is designed to help anyone—including those with bad credit—achieve their dream of homeownership.

Don’t Let Bankruptcy Hold You Back from Owning a Home

For many Canadians, declaring bankruptcy is a difficult decision that they believe will stall their dreams of owning a home. Thankfully, you can put yourself on the path to financial security, improve your credit score, and save money for your down payment—all at the same time!

Own a Home With our Rent to Home Solution

Our Rent to Home Solution allows you to rent your home from us for a fixed term, usually 3 years, giving you time to save money and build good credit so you can qualify for a traditional mortgage at the end of the term.

The Benefits of Rent to Own for Bankruptcy

Easy Monthly Payments

Don’t let bankruptcy hold you back from achieving your dreams of homeownership! Our Rent to Home Solution allows you to make easy, manageable monthly payments to improve your credit score, all while saving for your down payment on your home.

Financial Coaching

We’ve guided hundreds of Canadians to homeownership via our Rent to Home Solutions. We provide you with a Certified Financial Planner to help you create a detailed financial strategy for your future, including expert tips on budgeting and building your savings. We also give you access to experienced real estate agents and mortgage brokers who will offer you professional support and advice at every part of the process.

Achieve Homeownership and Financial Freedom with JAAG Properties

Even after bankruptcy, you can own a home! Our Rent to Home Solution allows you to turn the page and invest in your future by guiding you on your journey to homeownership. We’ve helped hundreds of Canadians struggling with bad credit achieve their dream of owning a home, all while improving their credit score and saving for the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you own a home and ultimately achieve the financial freedom you’ve always wanted!