Divorce and Homeownership

Divorce is a difficult period in anyone’s life. In addition to the physical and mental toll of divorce, it can also be an expensive process. Millions of Canadians struggle financially following a divorce due to low savings and the loss of their spouse’s income. Qualifying for a mortgage is often difficult under these circumstances. 

If you are recently divorced and have had trouble qualifying for a mortgage, there is hope. Our Rent to Home Solutions help you make the leap from tenant to homeowner with manageable monthly payments that allow you to build a positive credit score and save money for your down payment. 

Don’t Let Divorce Keep You from Homeownership

Divorce can be devastating, but don’t let it halt your dreams of homeownership. Your next chapter in life can, and should, include a home you can call your own, and with the help of our rent to own team, you’ll have a plan to achieve your dream of owning a home sooner than you might think. 

Our Rent to Home Solution works by allowing you to move into your chosen home immediately for a set term, typically 3 years. During your term, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your credit score and save money for a down payment so that at the end of your rent to own term, you’ll qualify for a traditional mortgage. 

The Benefits of Rent to Own for Those Recently Divorced

Countless Canadians have found their path to homeownership sooner through our Rent to Home Solution!  

We’ll be your guide every step of the way. We’ll put you in touch with Certified Financial Planners who will evaluate your financial health and provide a detailed strategy to help you budget and save for your down payment. We’ll also give you access to real estate agents and mortgage brokers who can answer your questions and offer support throughout the rent to own process. 

Let Us Help You Start Your Next Chapter

We’re helping divorced Canadians reach their true potential and start their new chapter sooner with our Rent to Home Solution. You don’t need good credit or a large down payment to start working towards owning your home—you just need a plan, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you achieve their dreams. Contact our experienced rent to own team to get started on your next chapter today!