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Are you searching for a socially responsible investment strategy? You’re not alone!

Over 100 investors have made a sustainable impact with JAAG’s Rent to Home Investment Solution.

Why wait? Experience great returns while turning dreams of homeownership into a reality.

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Here's What Our Partners Have To Say

“It is so good to see a successful and happy tenant-buyer...and we are certainly happy for them. We are very pleased to partner with JAAG and we hope there will be future opportunities!”

Port Stanley, ON

“We are believers in the Rent to Home Program and will be your best supporters and advocates for what JAAG does!  It is truly a win-win-win!”

London, ON

“Absolutely amazing group of professionals! The entire process was easy, hassle-free and quick!  Would highly recommend JAAG to any investors out there!”

St. Thomas, ON (Central Elgin)

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Our neighbourhood spans across Canada. Here’s a real-time look at all the members we’ve helped find homes.

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