Mortgages for Newcomers to Canada

Newcomers to Canada often have a challenging path to homeownership due to the difficulties in securing a mortgage with no credit. Many new immigrants forestall their dreams of homeownership because they face financial hardships that make it difficult to save for a down payment. 

Fortunately, our Rent to Home Solution allows you to work towards your ultimate goal of owning a home! Our rent to own team is eager to help newcomers secure their future in Canada with homeownership.  

No Credit? No Problem!

Immigrating to Canada means you won’t have a Canadian credit history, which can be problematic when applying for credit cards and loans. Moreover, Canadian law prohibits newcomers from owning a home in the first 2 years of residency. 

Don’t throw two years of income away solely on rent! Instead, contact our team and discuss a rent to own arrangement that allows you to live in your new home immediately, all while building a positive credit score and saving money towards your down payment.  

The Benefits of Rent to Own for Newcomers to Canada

Save for a Down Payment

As a new immigrant to Canada, you may feel that homeownership is out of reach, especially given that Canadian law prevents non-Canadians from owning homes in the first 2 years of their residency. Because of this provision, as a newcomer, you’ll be obligated to pay rent regardless of whether you choose a rent to own arrangement.  

However, with JAAG’s Rent to Home Solution, a portion of your monthly payment is credited to you, allowing you to save for a down payment alongside your monthly rent payments and invest in your future. For a fixed term (usually 3 years), you’ll rent your home from us, with the aim of owning your home at the end of the term. We’ll support you every step of the way! 

Access to Credit Education and Financial Planning

We provide access to Certified Financial Planners to help you strategize a rent to own arrangement that will help you to build credit and save for a down payment, allowing you to secure a traditional mortgage. We also put you in touch with top real estate agents and mortgage brokers who can offer you expert advice on all that homeownership entails. 

Let Us Guide You to Homeownership in Canada

We’ve helped countless newcomers to Canada unlock their potential for homeownership, and we’re eager to get you started on your path to success. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your dream of homeownership in Canada!