Get a Mortgage When Self-Employed

Nearly 20% of all income earners in Canada are self-employed. Despite the growing demographic of self-employed earners, it remains notoriously difficult for them to qualify for a mortgage. Proving income isn’t always easy when you work for yourself, and lenders often require a 10% down payment for self-employed earners. 

If you are self-employed and have trouble qualifying for a mortgage, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, our Rent to Home Solution can help self-employed Canadians reach their goal of homeownership sooner. 

The Benefits of Rent to Own When Self-Employed

Build Your Credit Score

With rent to own, you’ll work towards building a positive credit score and save money for your down payment, all while living in your home! 

Move Into Your Home Immediately

Rent to own agreements work by allowing you to move into your new home immediately and rent it from us for a set term, usually 3 years, with the intention of purchasing the home at the end of the term. During your term, with the help of our experienced rent to own team, you’ll improve your credit score and save money for a down payment so that you can qualify for a traditional mortgage. 

With JAAG’s Rent to Home Solution, there’s no need to worry about missing out on your dream home. All you need is a plan, and our team is excited to get started on building a strategy that works for you. 

Guiding You Towards Homeownership with Rent to Own  

Our team has helped countless self-employed Canadians utilize their rent to own agreements to achieve their dreams of homeownership faster.  

We help you every step of the way by providing access to Certified Financial Planners who will evaluate your financial situation and coach you on budgeting and saving money for your down payment. We’ll also give you access to real estate agents and mortgage brokers in the business so you can make realistic, achievable goals that match your income and lifestyle.  

Our team understands the unique needs and challenges of self-employed professionals when it comes to homeownership, and we’re eager to support you throughout the journey to homeownership. 

Let Us Help You Own Your Home Today

Owning a home doesn’t have to be an unreachable dream. If you’re self-employed and haven’t qualified for a traditional mortgage, JAAG Properties can help you achieve your goals with our Rent to Home Solution. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you on your journey to homeownership and financial freedom!