The Benefits of Renting to Own in Canada

The housing market in Canada is presently characterized by peak house prices and higher interest rates. If you’re discouraged by the current real estate landscape as a newcomer, you aren’t alone, and new options for affordable housing are now available to you. Our Rent to Own program grants you all the benefits of homeownership at a price you can afford.

Why Newcomers Should Choose Rent to Own Solutions

Rent to Own solutions are gaining popularity for newcomers because they can help you fast-track your journey to homeownership in Canada by allowing for smaller down payments and more time to build your Canadian credit score. The best part? You can live in your dream home while saving to buy it!

Benefits of Renting to Own for Newcomers

Gives You Time to Improve Your Financial Situation

If you’re new to Canada, you may struggle to qualify for a mortgage due to a lack of credit history. With no credit score, few banks or lenders will consider your application, and those that do will often have predatory terms and sky-high interest rates.

With our Rent to Own solution, you have a set term (typically three years) to build and improve your credit score. Financial planners will help you with budgeting, accounting, and other financial matters so that when you finally apply for a mortgage on your home, you’re sure to be approved.

Requires a Smaller Down Payment

When applying for a mortgage, most lenders will require at least a 5% down payment (but some homes may require as much as 10%). As a newcomer to Canada, we understand how daunting those numbers can be!

Rent to Own programs allow you to put down a smaller down payment, giving you the freedom to move into your dream home sooner. At JAAG Properties, we only require a 3% down payment to qualify for our Rent to Own solution.

You Can Live in Your Home Before Purchasing It

Rent to Own solutions empower you to live in your home while you save to buy it. You no longer need to wait and potentially miss out on your dream property because of financial restrictions. You’re free to furnish, renovate, and redesign your new home to your heart’s content, so that when you do purchase it, it’s entirely your own.

Find Your New Home in Canada with JAAG Properties

If you’re new to Canada, or are planning a move in the near future, you can own your home sooner than you think! Forget overpriced, overcrowded rentals and put yourself directly on the path to homeownership with our innovative Rent to Own solution.

Apply online or contact us for more information on how you can start living in your dream home today!